With a take-off/ground run as little as 300 meters (subject to certain conditions) the Pilatus PC-12 Super Legacy XP can safely utilise many of the world’s smallest airports as well as unpaved landing strips. Courchevel, Venice Lido, Palma Son Bonnet, Rome Urbe, St Barthelmy and London Denham exclude any possibility for most jet engine aircraft.

This capability of the Super Legacy XP to fly much closer to your ultimate destination, usually arriving to find your car and driver at the aircraft door brings a complete change in journey time, way of life, cost saving and attitude to travel.

Super Legacy XP approach and landing at St Bartholemy, French Caribbean.


Ultralightweight Avionics

The Super legacy XP features significant payload improvements derived from modern ultralightweight avionics and its lighter MT propeller. This provides massive flexibility for both eight passenger configuration or cargo combinations.

Photo shown: commuter seats and 1.3m cargo door.

Commuter seats and 1.3m cargo door


Cats, dogs and...?

It’s become increasingly difficult for pet owners to travel by air with our loved pooches, airlines now class our furry friends cargo and handle them accordingly.

The Pilatus Super legacy is the perfect aircraft for our pets to share the spacious cabin and with the 1.3mtr, fully opening, rear cabin access door you won’t be restricted…..even if your flying pet is a giant panda!

Group Ownership
Taking pets on the Pilatus SLXP