Multiple Upgrades

The Pilatus PC-12 Super Legacy XP features multiple performance upgrades – all of which are certified by both FAA and EASA Supplemental Type Certificates. Installed on the PC-12/47 Legacy airframe these combine to provide superior levels of power, performance and safety, in a luxurious and quieter cabin environment.

Pilatus SLXP performance


Replaced & refined

In the Super Legacy XP PC-12/47 the regular PT6A-67B engine is removed and replaced with the PT6A-67P engine. This provides an additional 200HP and is flat rated to1200 SHP limit in climb, enabling a FASTER DIRECT CLIMB to 30,000 feet at any weight and temperature combination. Cruise speed is also increased based on altitude and OAT.

Pilatus SLXP engine

New “P” Engine

Beneficial Properties

The new “P” engine incorporates the use of the latest metallurgical science, producing a new generation of engine with greater thermodynamic efficiency allowing for higher maximum temperatures. The nickel superalloy single-crystal turbine blades incorporate metals with very beneficial properties for the engine which can maintain mechanical power to higher altitudes due to higher thermodynamic power and higher pressure ratio.

With over forty of these upgrades performed during the past five years, Super Legacy XP owners benefit from a seven-year Pratt & Whitney Engine Warranty.

Pilatus SLXP engine


Replaced & refined

The Super Legacy XP features the German manufactured 5-Blade Reversing and Full Feathering Constant Speed Propeller MTV-27-1-N-C-F-R(P)/CFR260-65a.

The benefits of this upgrade include:

  • Best vibration damping characteristics for almost vibration free propeller operations
  • Bonded on nickel alloy for best erosion protection of the blades
  • Ground roll distance reduced by approximately 15%
  • Climb performance improved
  • Cruise performance improved by up to 5 kts addition to data found in the PC-12 POH/AFM
  • Unlimited blade life
  • Reduced diameter provides more ground clearance and less risk of foreign object damage
  • FOD repairable blades
  • Aircraft noise level is approximately 4 dB(A) less than with the original metal propeller- Cabin noise is reduced by 6dB(A)
Pilatus SLXP propeller close up


Full Power

The Super Legacy XP boasts a re-designed accessory gearcase, with a second, gear-driven 300-amp generator. The newly-designed Accessory Gear Box allows Dual 300 Amp generators. The improved electrical system allows full power on Bus 2 and uplifts the aircraft’s total generating capacity to 600 amps. It provides substantial capacity for considerably more electrical power in the event of a Generator 1 failure enabling important equipment such as de-ice heat and avionics to continue functioning.

The level of Reserve Electrical Power also meets FAA Part 135 rule: 14CFR 135.163 Part F (Special payloads such as air ambulance, surveillance, mapping operations).

The cabin is also enhanced with USB and AC power outlets at each seat to enhance passenger convenience.

Pilatus SLXP electrics